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Half-Jew: Searching for Identity (Click here to buy)

kindlecover_halfjew_250x380_for_blogWhat is a Half-Jew?

Neither this nor that. Practically synonymous with confusion, Half-Jew is a term for people stuck in no-man’s land, not quite fitting in with Gentiles nor universally accepted as Jews.

Some say there is no such thing, denying many their legitimate heritage and innate pull toward the same culture, ancestry and religious equivalence as those with Jewish matrilineage. Those born of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother are often lost, searching for a true identity.

D.M. Miller makes a compelling case to prove the doubters wrong. In analyzing religious arguments, medical and genetic studies, history and ancestry, this intimate part-memoir tells the personal story of one woman determined to eradicate the stigma, unravel the misunderstandings and come to terms with what identity is or isn’t through her unique perspective as a Half-Jew.

D.M. Miller’s Heart Series:
Book One:

The Religion of the Heart

Book Two:

Agony of the Heart

Book Three:

Secrets of the Heart

Book Four:

Holiday of the Heart

The Religion of the Heart (Click here to buy)

Religion 250X399Catherine and Abdul come from two opposing worlds. She is raised in the Judeo-Christian West, while he comes from a Muslim family in Egypt. Their first meeting is little more than a fleeting moment, but it sparks over a decade-long desperation and agonizing battle to be together.

Incompatible religions, distinct cultures and hot-tempered families vowing to keep them apart are the overwhelming hurdles they face, and reality hits once mysteries are solved and the fairytale beginning fades away. They are left with difficult decisions as they determine how important their respective religions are and whether or not the Muslim culture can mesh with the West.

Can an enduring yet taboo love conquer all when conflicting religions are duking it out, or will threatening roadblocks stand in the way?

(Read a review of The Religion of the Heart on The Times of Israel here.)

Agony of the Heart (Click here to buy)

Agony 250X399Does he still love her? That’s what Catherine wants to know, her desperate longing unanswered, as life and prior dreams fall flat. Fervently searching for what was and what should be, her downward spiral leaves Abdul scratching his head. Picking up the shattered pieces is not easy, and the man who turned his life upside down has crucial choices to make.

Throw a Muslim, a Jew, determination, disappointment, anti-Semitism and claims of Islamophobia in a pot, and the result is a steamy stew of emotional turmoil. Yet what it boils down to is one all-consuming basic need.

With shocking cultural differences, relatives foaming at the mouth and goals on opposing trajectories, the fight to keep it together is looming large. Is their love strong enough to withstand it all? And will they triumph against the formidable mountains standing in their way?

Secrets of the Heart (Click here to buy)

Secrets 250X399Life is full of surprises, but no one is more surprised than Catherine when a mysterious figure from her past arrives uninvited. Suddenly, deception and lies rear their ugly head when everything she thought she knew turns upside down.

Abdul’s challenges intensify, and his respect for his wife is questioned by someone new occupying her heart. Hostility and jealousy dominate while battles unfold, and the contrasting journeys of two people merge.

Religion, ethnicity, culture, nationality and above all, family, are intertwined in the search for truth when secrets slowly reveal a shocking reality. Previous perceptions transform, creating fresh loyalties…

With Catherine’s beginnings coming to light, the struggle between ancestral DNA and adopted love emerges. Is blood really thicker than water? And how is identity truly defined?

Holiday of the Heart (Click here to buy)

Holiday 250X399

Amirah can’t wait for Christmas. Leaving her Egyptian roots to restart in New York, she salivates over the American dream. If only her parents understood.

Rajab stresses more over love than nationality when he meets an enchanting woman. But the relationship is scandalous. Terrified of his father’s disapproval and seething reaction, Rajab struggles to keep the secret. The repercussions could be disastrous.

Together, Catherine and Abdul are the magnet for the group, but an outside force threatens their marriage while fall celebrations are underway.

The holiday season is busy for most, but for this interfaith union, the festive days multiply. Can Christians, Jews and Muslims sit at the same dinner table in peace? Find out as the Shadid and DiMarco family stumbles through holiday after holiday on this interfaith journey.

Dandelion Fuzz is a collection of over 100 free verse poems.

dandelion-fuzz-250x380Deep within the most guarded sections of the soul is a heartache, desperately begging for release. These poems provide that catharsis, that cleansing, essential for the greater happiness waiting around the corner with a welcoming embrace. Wring the tears out of the heart and start anew: take a dandelion, blow away the fuzz and make a wish.

Get Dandelion Fuzz on Amazon here.


All books are available on Amazon. Click HERE.

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8 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Hi,
    My name is Pat Bream. My daughter-in-law gave me your 3 books of the heart series. I couldn’t put them down. I actually read them in less than 4 days. While reading them I could picture the events and surroundings, and getting caught up in their lives. They were so amazing. Can imagine it being someone’s actual life story.
    Dan was an amazing dad and protector of his girl. Then to find out his story: Wow! Amazing dad.
    The one book that really blew me out of the water was: Secret of the Heart. Never saw that turn of events…
    I look forward to hearing how Catherine and Dan’s relationship goes and to read more of the life of Catherine and her family story.
    Amazing story. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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