Scheduling Time to Write: Setting Goals to Get It Done!

One of the complaints I often hear from fellow authors or would-be authors is that it's difficult to find the time to write. Many people attempt a writing career on the side but actually have a full-time job to pay the bills. If they're parents of small children, finding the time is that much harder. … Continue reading Scheduling Time to Write: Setting Goals to Get It Done!

10 Questions with… Elaine Chissick

  Elaine R. Chissick is the author of the erotic book, Ties That Bind, and its recently released sequel, Ties That Harm. The multi-talented British author first caught my attention with her memoir, Willing and Able: A True Story of Adoption, in which she shares her story of adopting two children, along with all the … Continue reading 10 Questions with… Elaine Chissick

The Thief and the Dogs #BookReview

The Thief and the Dogs by Naguib Mahfouz is a novella I picked up at a local bookstore not long ago. I enjoy reading various genres, and though I focus on romance as both a reader and a writer, I often find other fiction to be more emotional. Though that may not exactly be the … Continue reading The Thief and the Dogs #BookReview

#HalfJew: Searching for Identity

Half-Jew: Searching for Identity is now available on Amazon! What is it about? The description: What is a Half-Jew? Neither this nor that. Practically synonymous with confusion, Half-Jew is a term for people stuck in no-man's land, not quite fitting in with Gentiles nor universally accepted as Jews. Some say there is no such thing, … Continue reading #HalfJew: Searching for Identity