Self-#Marketing: A Long, Treacherous Road

  Last year I published my first novel. After thousands of hours over the course of four years, researching, writing and editing, I finally put myself out there, sharing my hard work with the world. Sharing. Yeah, about that— The first place to start is always with friends and family. Some are incredibly supportive, buying … Continue reading Self-#Marketing: A Long, Treacherous Road

Defending #Israel

  Judith had been the victim of both verbal abuse and physical assault multiple times throughout her life. Beautiful and tender yet also bold and determined, her kindness did nothing to stop the contempt some had for her. She'd been blamed for things she didn't do and often took the fall for the wrongdoings of … Continue reading Defending #Israel

What Are You Reading?

  Ever notice how many people act as if reading a book is a huge commitment? Unless it's a 500-page history of, (as a friend of mine would say,) the mating habits of snakes, I fail to see the problem. Popular fiction is a breeze for the most part, can take us to another world, … Continue reading What Are You Reading?

Can You Keep a Secret?

  How much do you really know about your family history? Are there secrets held captive in the safe deposit box of your parents' hidden memories? My upcoming book explores this very concept. They say you should never discuss religion or politics, and yet these themes are so tightly interwoven with culture and identity, it … Continue reading Can You Keep a Secret?