Used Books

In case you've noticed I haven't been around much, it's only because I've been extremely busy. I haven't been writing a lot unfortunately, and I've been reading a little but not as much as I'd like. However, I did pick up some "new" used books this weekend, and it really struck me how the price … Continue reading Used Books

#Yahrzeit of My Father

My father died September 16, 1998, or 25 of Elul 5758, on the Hebrew calendar. This year, the date falls on the 25th of the Gregorian month of September. Oddly, my father’s yahrzeit was also the first day of creation in 3760 BCE, and it was the date the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt in … Continue reading #Yahrzeit of My Father

Holiday of the Heart #Book Excerpt

The Holiday Season Eid al-Adha Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Halloween Thanksgiving Hanukkah Christmas ONE The baby flew higher and higher through the air, while tiny giggles shot a dose of dopamine straight to her heart. Little Seth was getting big for the confines of that swing Dan had put up in the backyard, and truth … Continue reading Holiday of the Heart #Book Excerpt

Reading Lolita in Tehran #BookReview

Every once in a while you read a book that changes your life. A book that inspires, that makes you want to read again, that makes you want to write. This is that book. Of course it's right up my alley, being that its topic is partially about literature, partially about teaching, indirectly about religion, … Continue reading Reading Lolita in Tehran #BookReview

Cynical #Authors and #SocialMedia

Authors by default are another breed. In our own little world, we march to our own beat with fantasy lands living in our heads. (Fiction authors, that is. Nonfiction authors space out on facts and the angles they’ll take. Either way, we’re both somewhere else much of the time.) I laughed after seeing the profile … Continue reading Cynical #Authors and #SocialMedia

Is God Capitalized?

God may be the most controversial topic to discuss, with the possible exception of American politics, these days at least. As they say, don’t bring up religion or politics among friends, unless you’re gearing up for a fight! Still, grammatically speaking, you need to know whether or not to capitalize the word in writing. So … Continue reading Is God Capitalized?

#DNA Results: Comparing 3 Companies

DNA ethnicity testing is becoming a big business, and Ancestry is no longer the only game in town. So far, I have tested through three different companies, and the results are not the same. How do they differ? Watch my video where I compare results from Ancestry, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA. Just how reliable … Continue reading #DNA Results: Comparing 3 Companies