Half-Jew Reader Testimonials

Every so often I receive a letter or read an online review for one of my books. If reader testimonials are any indication, my nonfiction work, Half-Jew: Searching for Identity, has created the greatest impact of all my titles. Why? Because so many can identify. I wrote the book because this issue has plagued me … Continue reading Half-Jew Reader Testimonials


#Mexican #Summer Waterfalls

Coffee, waterfalls and orchids. You might remember this line from my romantic suspense, Mexican Summer, and you couldn’t possibly forget the waterfall scenes. In Coatepec and the surrounding area, there are several waterfalls. While I did invent some of the settings in the book, others are real, and what is fiction is based on the … Continue reading #Mexican #Summer Waterfalls

Do Half-Jews Really Exist?

Is there any such thing as a Half-Jew? Lots of people say no, but the question is, why is there so much controversy? And why is there so much anger attached to this issue? In this video, I discuss the topic from a personal standpoint. Watch it on Youtube, subscribe to my channel, like and … Continue reading Do Half-Jews Really Exist?

The Notebook #BookReview

The Notebook was a big hit Hollywood movie back in 2004, but before that, it was a 1996 short novel. Back in the late 90s, I remember a friend wanting me to read it, but I resisted at the time. Finally, 20 years later, I decided to take a chance. Why was I so reluctant? … Continue reading The Notebook #BookReview

Mazal Tov or Mazel Tov: Writing Phonetically

Writing phonetically can be a tricky thing. Not every language uses the Roman alphabet, and when borrowing a word or phrase from a language written in non-Latin characters, we have to be careful. Technically, such a word cannot really be misspelled since we are transcribing it from its original form into a more universally recognized … Continue reading Mazal Tov or Mazel Tov: Writing Phonetically

Mexican Summer #Book Excerpt

CHAPTER ONE Divorce is an ugly word. Steeped in failure, disappointment and shame, its implications don’t always meet reality. Sure, Ashley was getting a divorce, but she had no choice. And yet, her family blamed her. She was tired of thinking about it, tired of doubting herself. Unfortunately, filing papers in a lonely records room … Continue reading Mexican Summer #Book Excerpt

Dr. Miller? I Don’t Think So.

A few people have recently asked me what sort of doctor I am or what type of medicine I practice. Since this has happened more than once, let me set the record straight. At no point have I ever claimed to be a doctor. What do the letters mean? The letters “D” and “M” are … Continue reading Dr. Miller? I Don’t Think So.