Her Neighbor’s Pleasure #BookReview

Her Neighbor’s Pleasure by Shosha Pearl is a short book (novella or long story length—59 pages, according to Amazon) that I recently picked up. It is categorized in the Jewish Orthodox Movements and Orthodox Judaism genres, though I might call it more of a Jewish romance. There aren’t a lot of those, which is why … Continue reading Her Neighbor’s Pleasure #BookReview

Read Walking

You’ve heard of speed walking, and you’ve heard of sleep walking, but have you ever heard of read walking? It’s exactly what it sounds like, reading while you walk. While it’s not a good idea to be looking down at a book while you’re crossing the street, much like having your eyes glued to your … Continue reading Read Walking

Israeli Poetry #BookReview

As a poet, I have always read a great deal of poetry and have dozens of collections of it on my bookshelves. One is a book of Israeli poetry that has been neglected for years. I don't even remember where I picked it up, but at one time I attempted to read it but wasn't … Continue reading Israeli Poetry #BookReview

Women’s Minyan #BookReview

What is a woman’s place from a religious perspective? Well, that all depends, not only on the religion but on the denomination of that religion. It further depends on the intensity of the belief system. Is the religion followed to a T, at a fundamental level, strictly adhering to ancient (or at least traditional) customs … Continue reading Women’s Minyan #BookReview

The Closing of #Bookshops

Why do bookshops always close? We love them so, romanticize them, but our passion is not enough—we are not enough—to save them. Growing up, it was always fun to visit B. Dalton's in the mall. Even if I was too lazy then to read what I'd picked up, there was such a magic to seeing … Continue reading The Closing of #Bookshops

My 2019 #Reading List: The Top 5

The older I get, the faster time seems to pass. Is 2019 really over? Apparently so. As December winds down and we wrap up another crazy-busy, fun-filled, and fast-paced year, it is time to reflect on the books I’ve read. Unfortunately, this was not exactly a stellar year for me in the reading department. I … Continue reading My 2019 #Reading List: The Top 5

Used Books

In case you've noticed I haven't been around much, it's only because I've been extremely busy. I haven't been writing a lot unfortunately, and I've been reading a little but not as much as I'd like. However, I did pick up some "new" used books this weekend, and it really struck me how the price … Continue reading Used Books