What separates us? What brings us together?

Common ground.

Our differences may tear us apart, but common ground is essential to getting along. When it comes to romance, opposites may attract, but in order to stay together, there must be something more, something which transcends the traditional components of our identity.

Identity and all it entails is worth exploring.fingerprint-1382652_640

Who are you ?

Whether we like it or not certain elements of our personalities categorize us into groups. Religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, political party, etc… And even if we have no identifiable religion, then we fall into the category of religious nones. Politically we may be undecided, but then we are independents. If we’re of mixed race then we’re biracial. The point is, there are labels for everyone and everything, even for those in between.

It begins in school with the jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, band geeks, punks/skaters/goths/grunge or whatever it is today–(you can tell when I grew up!)– the popular crowd and everyone else. After school we get a break, but the marketing gurus analyze demographics and trends while governments need their Census data. No matter how much we may try to escape the confines of these labels, they follow us.

So how are you defined? And how do the boundaries of your groups affect you and your place in this world?

D.M.Miller’s work takes on these issues of identity in terms of religion, family, ancestry, ethnicity, culture, politics, hatred, but above all… LOVE.

Can you love someone you’re supposed to hate?


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