Writing and Publishing: The Uphill Climb

Few authors zoom to stardom like a bullet train. Most writers are like me: “the little engine that could.” Thousands upon thousands of hours and tremendous effort are not enough, and for every step forward, two steps back. It's not easy when you don't compromise, don't put half-naked men on your covers, and struggle with … Continue reading Writing and Publishing: The Uphill Climb

Enter My Goodreads Giveaway!

My Goodreads giveaway begins today! From October 20 to October 28, enter for a chance to win a paperback copy of my latest book, Holiday of the Heart. Goodreads Book Giveaway What is it about? Here's the blurb: Amirah can’t wait for Christmas. Leaving her Egyptian roots to restart in New York, she salivates over … Continue reading Enter My Goodreads Giveaway!

#MeToo: Real Movement or Empty Trend?

Another hashtag trend. They say it’s about awareness, to inform the under-informed public just how widespread sexual harassment and assault really is. Everyone is jumping on board. It’s cool to join a trend and copy/paste a status about the suicide hotline and PTSD and, and… Weinstein-esque sexual abuse. While we’re at it, let’s send a … Continue reading #MeToo: Real Movement or Empty Trend?

Interfaith Heart Series

My interfaith Heart Series has had a makeover! Watch my latest video, where I show off the brand new covers and explain what the books are about. https://youtu.be/TY5HfPuVYXQ An overview: When 12-year-old Abdul sees Catherine for the first time at his parents' estate, she takes his breath away. Never before had a girl caught his … Continue reading Interfaith Heart Series