Two Choices #election #poetry


Two Choices

two choices

bobbing their heads only slightly above barely blue water

waves thick

sharp and pointy

sticking their needles into heavily made-up faces,

television perfect, well—

they do what they can


the water washes over again and again

but fails to cleanse,

there is no cleansing with toxic waste,

destined to slaughter


two choices

one sleazy

the other, sleazier

morally vacant

personally deplorable,

to use their own words

and yet,

we said goodbye to all the rest,

coddling only the worst among the best

though left alone, they are worth nothing

but a shake of the head,

roll of the eyes,

shrug of the shoulders


two choices

and how did we get here?

pop culture

instant gratification

gravitation to soundbiting simplicity

and we take the bait,

so easily conned,

tricked into submission

until we wake from a drunken stupor

the sun streaming in through recently washed


crystally beautiful and pure

and we see the summer sky turn charcoal grey,

thunderous realization booming in our ears

for the first time in months


we see

we see, and we don’t like the theater production


we are struck

no, please not this


two choices

one horrific,

the other worse

we will collapse,

our empire fallen like all the rest


we will triumph

D.M. Miller is the author of the interfaith “Heart” series as well as the poetry collection, Dandelion Fuzz. The product of an interfaith marriage herself, Miller’s work explores the difficult themes of religion, politics, ethnicity, culture, family, ancestry and love. See her books on Amazon.

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