Wedlocked: Book Review


Many authors post reviews of books on their blogs, but for the most part, I have refrained from doing so. Though I love to read and always post reviews on Amazon (after all, as a writer, I understand the importance of reviews), I don’t pride myself on having any particular talent for writing them. I throw my all into writing books, and afterwards, there’s not much left. With that said, the book I’ve just finished reading has hit me so profoundly, I simply must share it with my readers. And perhaps I will continue to post reviews for books that deserve a special mention. Wedlocked certainly falls into that category. Wow!

Actually, that is the title of my review: Wow!


Wedlocked is about forced marriage, but its strength is in the personal details of one woman who endured it, as told through a narrative nonfiction style. As such, it almost reads like fiction with tangible descriptions so real, you see the Nairobi city streets, you taste the chill in the Punjabi air, and you hear the dripping of the leaky faucet in the British rundown apartments. Above all, you feel Mayah’s pain and cry her tears. You are Mayah.

The book seamlessly flows between Mayah’s story and the facts and figures of forced marriage, the laws against it, the failures of those laws and all the heartrending co-abuses that accompany such a marriage like marital rape, physical, mental and emotional abuse and all-in-all, the dehumanization of the bride/wife.

The horrific practice is not contained within the confines of one religion but spans across religions and cultures and continents. One of the hardest pills to swallow is not only the cruelty of mankind to his fellow humans, family even, but that women are complicit in destroying the lives of their daughters, daughters-in-law, etc. This book is eye-opening, to say the least.

Finally, the author astounded me with her writing ability. The subject matter drew me in, but the author kept me engaged. This is not some boring nonfiction book but the story of one woman’s lifelong torture, and the statistics reported here demonstrate that there are many, many Mayahs out there, suffering unimaginable pain, brought to life by this author and her dedication to the subject.

Wedlocked on Amazon

The author’s website


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