What Are You Reading?


Ever notice how many people act as if reading a book is a huge commitment? Unless it’s a 500-page history of, (as a friend of mine would say,) the mating habits of snakes, I fail to see the problem. Popular fiction is a breeze for the most part, can take us to another world, and provides a much-needed break of quiet time, something many of us lack these days.

According to the findings of a recent study by Nielsen, the average American watches around five hours of television each day. That’s every single day, as in, 35 hours a week. Now, how many times have you turned on the television only to be disappointed that there’s nothing on? What if you tried something different for a change, and turned the thing off? Unthinkable? Come on now. It’s not so bad.

If you were to replace one hour of television with one hour of reading—not People Magazine or social media posts but a book, an actual book—you could easily read a new book at least every couple of weeks, if not quicker. Let’s say it takes an entire month—you would still read 12 books in a year, which may be 12 more books than what you had been reading.

Reading a book also allows the brain to calm down and find peace before bedtime, not to mention all we can learn, even from fiction. And if it’s a good book, you feel a part of the story, which can affect you in ways you never imagined.

So have you read any good books lately?

Some of my recent reads include quite a list of authors: Jan Ruth, Mary Campisi, Christine DePetrillo, and various other independent authors like Joel Hames, Peter Best, Si Page, Elaine Chissick, Maria Gibbs, Tanya Jones, Maureen Turner, Leslie Bratspis, Glen R. Stansfield, Grant Leishman, Simon Dillon, and many, many more. And I still highly recommend Orit Arfa and A.M. Khalifa, two authors I’d mentioned last year.

This has been a public service announcement to all those who say they have no time to read. 🙂

DM Miller books

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8 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Thank you for the mention. D.M. Have to agree entirely. Reading is so important to many aspects of our lives. I really struggle to understand how people can mindlessly stare at a box for so many hours. I’m lucky if I watch 2 hours a week and that’s just my beloved volleyball. Reading is so much more satisfying. Great post!

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  2. A great piece, well-written. I have to say I watch very little television myself I cut down significantly when I embarked on the writing process – no time. I don’t miss it. I now have it on as background sometimes.

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  3. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. A book allows the reader to exercise their imagination to interpret the story. That’s the difference between viewing what a film director wants you to see and what YOU conjure yourself. I cannot imagine not having a book to delve into whenever time allows.

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