5-Star Review of Dandelion Fuzz, My #Poetry Collection

Final Cover Dandelion Fuzz smallerIt can be scary to bare your soul, especially in the odd art form we call “poetry.” When writing a novel, I like to be straightforward. Poetry, however, is another story.

Will they be able to decipher my words, to make heads or tails of my craziness, to get to the heart of what each poem is really about? Will they criticize the free verse for not rhyming, the silly way I play with homonyms or the strange turn my stream of consciousness sometimes takes? Are my metaphors too far out there, and am I revealing too much?

All of these questions have gone through my head. I’d published my poetry collection nearly three months ago without a single review. Sure, I’d gotten praise years ago for my poems, but what do people think now?

Finally I got an answer: a review from one reader truly touched by my work, someone who could identify and who took the time to analyze what it all meant. If this is the only person who got it, that’s okay. As long as at least one person understood, could relate and was moved, I accomplished something. 🙂

5-Star Review Posted on Amazon UK:

I love this collection of poems. I seriously *love* them. I have already read the book everyday this week.

D.M. Miller has created . . . only what I can call ‘descriptive psalms’, which resonate like chapter and verse. I understand what she writes. The poetry feels inert. By the third poem, ‘Desensitized, Turned and Humanized’ I almost felt she was writing about me. I analysed it. That poems reads from *my* heart. How could she know what I was feeling or perhaps had felt?

‘The Ex’, Closed Snout and Lids’, ‘Trapped’, ‘And Love Abounds’ and ‘Celibacy’ carry the theme of this book, a universal theme that everyone will connect with. The mood is set, a submergence of self-imposed exile, a realisation of life without companionship and do we have to follow habitual paths? What happens if we don’t? Destruction? Or freedom? Why does our minds fill with burning love so often? What happens if it goes away? The poems are a study of the internal thinking’s of human beings.

”Pinnacle of retreat following tragic overdose of want, desire want. Reduced to minimal enterprise, outerprise. Self-suffocation. Celibacy after sexuality once determined, now non-existent”.

I also love ‘Winter on University Grounds’ for it’s vivid descriptions of light, darkness and colour. ‘Somehow Sex Sends Sinking Song’ is a very well put together poem, fun to read and brilliantly concluded.

‘Tornado’ is fuelled by a lost love or love gone sour. Bitter memories coincide with keening love. Beautiful. ‘Distilled Sunshine’, Emotion’, Spontaneous Chance’ and ‘Plastic Existence’ are utterly enchanting.

Every poem left me thinking about the words. How has D.M. Miller created such breath-taking gems of beauty? They are intelligent, thought-provoking, challenging, sincere, personal, emotional and eloquently written.

I hope one day I can ask her about them. But first I have to thank her.

To purchase Dandelion Fuzz, click here for the ebook edition and here for the paperback. Thank you all for your support!


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