How Important Is #DNA and #Ancestry?

Ethnicity estimate
My DNA test results. (Another 2% of that was Middle Eastern. The European Jewish goes back to the Middle East as well. Since these are estimates, it makes sense to complete one full side of my heritage.)

In my upcoming book, I explore this very issue. How does DNA define who we are, and what is the interplay between cultural and religious influences and our biological ethnicity? In other words, how important is our genetic makeup as opposed to our socialization, and what happens when there is a conflict of interest?

My new book will be out in September 2016, and is Book 3 in my interfaith “Heart” series. Stay tuned! For now, read the first two and be ready for plenty of surprises in the next one!

The Religion of the Heart and Agony of the Heart are both available on Amazon. Click on the links.


#Ancestry DNA Test Results: As It Turns out, I Am…

Jewish Ancestry: Assimilation and Name Change Confusion

My Ancestry DNA ethnicity estimate
This is the actual report of my DNA from There were plenty of surprises but one important fact that didn’t surprise me at all: I’m more Jewish or Ashkenazi than anything else. It is something that I feel deep inside and always have. How does your DNA influence you?

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