Jewish/Asian Intermarriages: Raising the Children


Interfaith relationships are known to cause a whole host of problems, none more troublesome than the issue of the children. Many in the Jewish community worry over the loss of Judaism and the Jewish culture when one chooses to marry someone of a different faith. However, according to The Algemeiner, Judaism is often the prevailing religion in relationships between Jews and Asians:

A new study revealed that Asian Americans are eager to raise their kids according to the Jewish faith, Religious News Service reported on Friday.

“What we saw was a very high level of enthusiasm and acceptance from the non-Jewish partner or spouse for a Jewish household, usually created by both parents,” said Noah Leavitt, a professor at Washington’s Whitman College who published the study,JewAsian, with his wife, fellow professor Helen Kiyong Kim.

“That really surprised us, because most of what we hear about is a loss or diminishment of Jewish practice. What we found was the opposite, even when there weren’t two Jewish parents in the household. We had been anticipating a bit more of mixing of religions or syncretism.”

JewAsian is the first book-length study of Jewish-Asian couples and their offspring, according to RNS. It examines  the intersection of race, religion and ethnicity in the increasing number of households in the US that are Jewish American and Asian American. The study explains how these intermarriages reflect the identity of the married individuals, but also of their offspring and communities.

JewAsian noted that in 2010, approximately 15 percent of all new marriages in the US were between people from different racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds…

Read on at The Algemeiner here.

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