#Interfaith Marriages: How to Raise the Children


My novel, Agony of the Heart, delves into the topic of interfaith marriages and children. You love each other, great, but how do you raise the children? The following article from Austin Family answers some important questions:

Interfaith Marriage

Q:  My husband and I come from different faiths, and until recently it wasn’t a problem. But now we have a baby, and we each want to pass down certain elements of our faiths. We get in heated discussions. How can we work out our differences?

A:  It’s not uncommon for a couple to find their interfaith marriage working until, like you, they have children. Then suddenly, each wants the children raised in their own faith. Some folks even agree early on to educate the children in one faith, only to change their minds later.

You’re not alone in having different religious views than your husband. Interfaith marriages have been on the rise, from about 20 percent in 1950 to around 45 percent in 2014. The intensity of our religious convictions can rise and fall…

To read on, click here.

To read my interfaith novels, The Religion of the Heart and Agony of the Heart, click here.


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