Turn #Poetry

Please enjoy a sample from my poetry collection, Dandelion Fuzz, available on Amazon:




Victimizing, high-heeled scrutiny of a whirling sepulcher

acid pellet storm.

Turn, turn.


I like those overgrown lips that trip and let loose-equipped

barbarian slip

down like an oozing form of Vaseline, diluted in tree sap.

Speak now before the rabbits haste to the inviting podium

and conquer

those threatening the same.

She grips the burning, quick-moving rope that bleeds her

raw obsession,

despairing, forced by her own will

to close the lock and keep on.

They push her down.

Clean-faced and absorbed in

self, self, self

from the starting line until the



Inharmonious slave in a freakish place, starving of public


and sun-scarred rib bones.

Crawling forward with lifted chin

and mind pointed up at heaven.

They push him down.

But the turn will be seated and receive all that is.

Revenge has the scent of a sex-driven perfume

and the relief of a cool fountain in Death Valley.

Militant through violent-abandoned peace.

Words, significant and outstretched.

Turn, turn.


Transparent beads on the outskirts of reality and life,

they will survive,


vacant of self and true humanity.

Absent sugar barrier

and lace transformed to colossal leaves.

Absent hate, absent violence, absent stereotypes.

Women and men and love

and nothing more but a few dogs

with loyal smiles and honest security.


Dandelion Fuzz cover smaller

D.M. Miller is the author of three books, including interfaith romances, The Religion of the Heart and Agony of the Heart.


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