How do I Mourn the Death of a Dad I Wasn’t Close to?

Today is Father’s Day, and as usual, many are posting the cutesy shmutesy photos of Dad and kids, honoring a father they adore with memories of the good ol’ days growing up with a loving and caring dad. Well, I don’t happen to have any pictures like that to share. Wish I did, but my relationship with my father was a complicated one.

Instead I thought I’d share this post by Matt Sweetwood. If you, like me, can’t identify with those warm and loving “Daddy with his kids” pics, this article may be more your speed.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Matt Sweetwood

How do I Mourn the Death of a Father I Wasn’t Close to?

Published on The Good Men Project 6/11/2016

I can remember back to when I was 5 years old and I would sit with my mom and 7 year older brother in front of the big living room window looking out into the night. Sometimes we would watch the lightning storms, counting the seconds to the next thunder clap. Mom would say the heart of the storm was only a mile away for each second between the lightning and the thunder. As the time in between got shorter, it was scary.

Sometimes we would play a game. It would be to guess the number of cars that would pass by before dad’s car parked in front of the house. My mom loved that game because she loved my dad and couldn’t wait for him to come home. I…

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