Support for America


Social media is a place where, in addition to the standard family pics and news, people share their thoughts and feelings on politics, religion, life in general, or whatever news story is going around. On Facebook in particular, after the terror attack in Paris, the French flag was everywhere, covering profile pics or posted along with comments. In other words, in order to show solidarity with the French after such a horrific attack, people “flew” the French flag.

The Orlando mass shooting was the worst terror attack on US soil since 9/11. Granted, the terrorist was American, however, in terms of the destruction he left behind, does it matter whether it was homegrown terror or terror from abroad? America was attacked by someone who did not believe in American values. Attacked from within or attacked from outside, we were attacked.

Where are the American flags? Where is the solidarity with Americans? Is America so hated around the world, that no one will cover their faces with the good ol’ Stars and Stripes? No one will post our flag to support us?

While I have seen a few rainbow flags, I must point out that it was not only the gay community that was attacked; it was our nation. And it is not only the gay community reeling from this; it is all of us.

Please, show your support for us as we have shown our support for you. We are no less human than the French. Place your blame and politicize this attack however you will, but make no mistake- it was an attack felt by us all.

D.M. Miller is the author of three books, including interfaith romances, The Religion of the Heart and Agony of the Heart.


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