Hatred and Violence in One Week’s Time

-… People hate. Everybody hates everybody else. That's life.--Abdul, Agony of the Heart by D.M. Miller

Hatred breeds hatred. If they hate you, it’s hard to not hate back. And yet, in the Holy Land, despite countless attacks on her innocent civilians, Israel has extended the olive branch time and time again.

This week, another senseless terror attack resulted in four dead Jews. It was but a blip on the television news screen, nowhere near as important as the death of a zoo gorilla, killed in order to save the life of a small child, and certainly not as important as funny jabs between US Presidential candidates. In fact, when it was discussed, in some articles excuses were made. Much like demonizing a rape victim, accusing her of “asking for it,” instead of compassion, mud was slung Israel’s way. Meanwhile, many Palestinians celebrated the murders by handing out candy, and Hamas leaders praised the attackers.

And then there were the ISIS victims. Nineteen Yazidi women were burned alive for standing their ground, rather than giving in and sleeping with their terrorist captors. Another blip.

ISIS stoned an Iraqi woman to death for supposedly committing adultery. Not even a blip.

Scores of people in Iraq and Afghanistan were blown up this week by multiple suicide bombing attacks. But then, it happened “over there,” and it happens all the time, so who cares, right?

Sixty-five people were rounded up in Iraq and executed for various trumped up charges by ISIS.

In an honor killing in Lahore, a teenage girl was burned alive by her mother for marrying the man she loved.

The list goes on, and it all happened in about one week’s time. Hatred and violence.

Closing our eyes won’t make it go away, but at the very least we need to keep ourselves informed before making any sort of judgments one way or another. Multiculturalism lacks a cohesive quality, and coexistence is a lovely idea, but that desire for peace must be a mutual thing.

On a more personal level, when I write about interfaith relationships, I’m not solving any global crises, but I am providing a snapshot of this world we live in where the existence of various faiths and cultures often translates to that dreadful hatred and violence I mentioned before. Knowledge is power, and that is not to  say that knowledge will wipe out the hatred, which is not always about misunderstanding but is also in certain cases, intertwined in some belief systems. And knowledge will provide an understanding of the whys which so often baffle us.

Catherine and Abdul are not real people, but they could be. Check out their story, and you might gain a new perspective on things: The Religion of the Heart


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