Dandelion Fuzz: My Poetry Collection Is Here

Dandelion Fuzz is now available on Amazon! After publishing the first two novels in my “Heart” series, I decided to put together a collection of over one hundred of my poems. (There are hundreds more, and as personal as some of these are, there are others that are simply too close to me to share.)

Dandelion Fuzz cover smaller

In the Preface, I write:

They say writing is cathartic, and that is certainly true for me. It all began with poetry.

At first it was an emotional release, at times a way to make a statement or to be in awe. Over the years, a polished stream of consciousness became my style of choice, chock-full of metaphors and with a leaning toward irony. I liked to experiment with words and feelings, and occasionally I deliberately used the “wrong” homonym, doing so for effect, even inventing new versions of existing words just to play. Such things are not mistakes.

This book is a sample of only a few of the hundreds of poems I wrote throughout my youth. Today it seems that children are too quick to resort to gun violence or suicide or both, but there is no medicine healthier than writing to cure a case of raging hormones or run-away emotions. In my case, there were a few traumatic experiences which affected me for years, and writing poetry was my salvation…

…To be honest, publishing this book of poetry scares me a little. I wrote most of these words many years ago, when I had enough angst to fill a football stadium and then some. And really, how many share these feelings? How many are too afraid to pour out their souls, preferring instead to live their lives concealing their pain or taking it out on innocent bystanders?

To me, poetry is about emotional release. To write is to emote, and popping out a short poem is a far better route to take than to pop a pill.

So here they are, my words, my poetry from yesteryear, my heart, and my own dandelion fuzz, here today, off with the wind tomorrow, maybe along with a wish, but ultimately, taking root to create more flowers.

Dandelion Fuzz

Kindle Edition on Amazon: Click here

Paperback on Amazon: Click here


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