777 Challenge, Take Two

Back in September I was tagged in the 777 Challenge (click here), and now I’ve been tagged again. Before I continue, let me explain:

Oh, is that the wrong 777?

How many times have you gotten a ridiculous chain letter, begging you to pass it along if you have any hope of fulfilling all your dreams in the next five minutes? When I was tagged in the 777 challenge, my first inclination was to ignore it like any other spam. This was different, however. I wasn’t tagged by some anonymous spammer, but by a fellow writer.

What in the world is it?

The 777 challenge may seem like a silly game, but it is actually meant to introduce readers to other authors.

RULES: The taggee must go to the seventh page, to the seventh line, and share the next seven sentences of their latest work in progress or new book, etc. Then tag seven other authors to do the same.

This time, I was tagged by author C.S. Woolley, who wrote:

“I have chosen Rising Empire: Part 3 (it’s on pre-order herehttp://mybook.to/risingempire3 and comes out on 19th May) I am aware that finish is misspelled, it’s a WIP!”

CS Woolley

Below is mine. It’s from my collection of poetry, Dandelion Fuzz, which will be available in the next couple of days. (I’ll announce it here when it’s ready, so stay posted!)

Burgundy mentality augments wrinkled steps,

portraying snout,

which inhales liberalism parallel the others

And fatigue matures

Depth is ever present,

but few keep the shutter ajar,

afraid to recognize truth as it was conceived,

Make any sense? Probably not because it’s only seven lines from a poem and taken out of context! But there it is. 🙂

Now for the tags: (If you click on them, it will take you to their Amazon author pages.)

Leslie Bratspis

Jan Ruth

Rohini Sunderam

Maureen Turner

Sherrie Lowe

Jane E. James

Marissa Farrar


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