Dandelion Fuzz: Cover Reveal

Here it is! The cover to my collection of poetry, which will be out this week:

Dandelion Fuzz cover smaller

Included are the poems I wrote over the course of many years. Long before starting my “Heart” series, I wrote hundreds of poems, which are nothing like my novels. I used to read some to my friends, but they’ve since been locked up and hidden away for a couple of decades. It’s about time I let them loose.

The blurb:

Dandelion Fuzz back cover smaller

“Deep within the most guarded sections of the soul is a heartache, desperately begging for release. These poems provide that catharsis, that cleansing, essential for the greater happiness waiting around the corner with a welcoming embrace. Wring the tears out of the heart and start anew: take a dandelion, blow away the fuzz and make a wish.”

To see a preview, check out two poems I’ve posted on my blog. (For the most personal poetry, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out.)

Plastic Existence

Dusk on a Bench in College

See my author page on Amazon for links to my novels, The Religion of the Heart and Agony of the Heart.


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