New 5-Star Review for Agony of the Heart

My second novel, Agony of the Heart, was published about a month ago and has been receiving some wonderful reviews. I’m always happy to read people’s thoughts on my books, especially when they point out things that others don’t. My comments are in blue.

Agony of the Heart front cover smallestAnother Really Enjoyable Book by D.M. Miller

Another really enjoyable book from D.M. Miller! The work’s class comes partly from the warmth she has for her characters and plot, but mainly from the quality of her writing. For example, you get the impression that part of this story must be based on personal experience, (you do?) but the ability of the prose disguises that, so that you can’t tell where that ends and the fictional research begins.

This book continues, and moves on from, the tale-of-young-love in ‘Passion of the Heart’. (It’s actually called The Religion of the Heart.) You see them as adults and creators of a family of their own. You want to know how they resolve the all too realistic, and unexpected, adversities that arise. And how they feel and fare in this novel and the novel after this one. (The novel after this one will be out early next year.)

This book is more adult, less dreamlike, and the new themes – politics, culture, confusion – reflect that. And those themes are based on detailed knowledge. The development, struggles, and ending, surprise but are fully resolved – for this book! This author feels a need to write, which drives your interest and drives the narrative and style. (Yes, I do feel the need to write, and I’m so glad that comes through in my writing.)

This particular review really moved me because the reader was able to connect with the book and understand where I, as the author, am coming from. I hope those who have read The Religion of the Heart will move on and read Agony, and for those who have not yet read the first can also start with Agony, as I wrote it in such a way that it can stand alone.

Thank you to all my readers! Please keep the reviews coming!

The Religion of the Heart: on Amazon

Agony of the Heart: on Amazon

My new poetry book, Dandelion Fuzz, will be out in early May 2016. Be on the lookout!


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