Interviewed by Author Peter Best!

What a treat it is to be interviewed by a fellow author. The Burden of Truth by Peter Best was a book that really stuck with me, and in fact, I put it on my list of top five favorites read in 2015. So when the author contacted me for an interview, it was truly an honor.

Below is the beginning of the article. Click on the link to read the entire thing:

My latest interview is with an American lady going by the name of D.M.Miller.  She’s an author who writes in the genre of romance. However if you look deep into her work you will see that her stories are not just about romance they hit home on many of today’s problems of inter-faith relationships. This is what she has to say about her work.  


So D.M.; Your second novel, Agony of the Heart has just come out. Many of your fans will know it’s the follow up to the excellent Religion of the Heart, which it must be said received some great reviews. Go on tell me all about them.

 The feedback has been wonderful, but the most exciting response has been from both men and women (but mostly men) who initially said they don’t read romance but ended up loving it. The Religion of the Heart is not your stereotypical romance. It is absolutely a love story but not like any love story you’ve read before.

 What are the back-stories for the main characters and will we see them again in future novels?

 Abdul was born in Egypt to a wealthy Muslim family who kept him more or less isolated with private tutors. He immersed himself in books and formed his own opinions about things, sometimes contrary to what he’d been taught. As a result, when he meets the Jewish Catherine, who was raised in America, he knows the hateful things people say about Jews but remains fixated on her nonetheless.

 Will these characters come up in future novels? Oh yes! The series will continue, and more characters will be added. The third installment should be out next year…

Read the rest of the interview on Peter Best’s blog here. There are several more questions answered!


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