It’s Here! Agony of the Heart

My new book, Agony of the Heart is now available on Amazon! The sequel to the first, The Religion of the Heart, the book can also stand alone.

So what is it about? Here’s the blurb:

Agony of the Heart front cover smallestDoes he still love her? That’s what Catherine wants to know, her desperate longing unanswered, as life and prior dreams fall flat. Fervently searching for what was and what should be, her downward spiral leaves Abdul scratching his head. Picking up the shattered pieces is not easy, and the man who turned his life upside down has crucial choices to make.

Throw a Muslim, a Jew, determination, disappointment, anti-Semitism and claims of Islamophobia in a pot, and the result is a steamy stew of emotional turmoil. Yet what it boils down to is one all-consuming basic need.

With shocking cultural differences, relatives foaming at the mouth and goals on opposing trajectories, the fight to keep it together is looming large. Is their love strong enough to withstand it all? And will they triumph against the formidable mountains standing in their way?

Agony of the Heart is the sequel to The Religion of the Heart and is the second book in D.M. Miller’s Heart series.

Read the follow-up to the book readers are calling,
“A Must-Read,”
“Powerful,” and

Get it on Amazon here.

UK link


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