Book Announcement: The Sequel to The Religion of the Heart…

DMMiller.AuthorThe sequel to my debut novel, The Religion of the Heart, is set to publish this month, as I’ve already announced. The exact date is still pending, however there is another little bit of information I can now reveal.

The title of my newest book is:

(get ready…)

(are you ready yet?…)

Agony of the Heart.

It picks up where the first book left off, and I don’t want to spoil the ending of the first book for anyone who has not yet read it. What I will do is give another mini-preview:

Agony of the Heart mini-preview

(Click here for the first mini-preview I posted recently.)

More will follow in the coming days. For now, pick up a copy of the first one and get ready for quite a ride! For those who have already read it, be prepared for more action, more controversy and more issues to tackle in Agony of the Heart. 🙂


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