Inspiration in Fire

Valley of Fire, that is. In between writing and editing, I had the opportunity to take a trip with my family to Nevada’s first state park. About an hour outside of Las Vegas, Valley of Fire is a place where one get away from the hustle and bustle of life, soak in the beauty of this world and set the batteries on recharge.

We saw as much of it as possible in five hours, but it was only a smidgen of what there is to see.






Desert sand along one of the hiking trails





This little guy was the star of the show. He and several of his friends darted in and out of the picnic areas, providing lunchtime entertainment!

VoFwThese are only a handful of the photos I took, and the best way to truly savor the experience is to visit in person. I highly recommend taking some time out whenever possible, setting down the cell phones, tablets and computers and spending time with loved ones. It could be a board game, a walk in the neighborhood or near-by park, or a little trip like this. To be honest, we had considered going to an amusement park, but it was unusually hot and we couldn’t imagine waiting around in lines in that kind of weather. Thankfully, we made a decision to take in a far more serene environment.

What can be more inspiring than the beauty of this land? I hope to do some inspiring of my own with the novels I write.

Currently, I’m finishing up the sequel to The Religion of the Heart, set for publishing in March 2016. Be on the lookout!


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