New 5-Star Review for The Religion of the Heart!

The Religion of the Heart book cover.
The Religion of the Heart book cover.

The reader writes:

“… because of a recommendation from a friend who absolutely loved this book”

I actually downloaded this book because of a recommendation from a friend who absolutely loved this book. Now I must admit when I first saw this it I wasn’t sure if I should read it or not because generally I don’t do romance, not my genre at all.
However, there was something that was telling me to carry on and read this novel. I guess it might have been something in the blurb about two young people from totally different cultures coming together and overcoming the many obstacles in front of them or was it because I thought I might actually learn something about these two cultures I know very little about.?

No matter what it was I was pleased I did carry on to read this book because it was a fantastic read and very enjoyable too. It’s very well written, great characters and plot and flows at a good pace. But what makes this book a cut above the rest is how it touches on many issues of todays modern world facing the young of today. Not just the young but also the parents of the young.

It’s a must read especially if you’ve got children who are just about to get married, it might just make you think!

Other reviews:

  • Beautifully written book on love and cultures…
  • Cultures can be different, yet the same in many ways…
  • I really love this, it was a very sweet love story, it is a must read book, I could really relate to it being married to someone from a different culture than me…
  • D.M. Miller has an eloquent way of writing and holding the readers interest in this gentle love story…
  • “The Religion of the Heart ” was certainly wasn’t what I expected and was pleasantly surprised and have no qualms about recommending it to young and old alike to read.

On the British Amazon:

I really enjoyed this book. What I liked was the author’s obvious passion and enjoyment of the love story she was describing. That what keeps you wanting to find out what happens next.

This is a classic young lovers’ story, but not clichéd. It develops, and ends, unexpectedly, and avoids the tropes and tricks of the genre. It’s treatment of the underlying themes is intelligent and convincing, at times slyly comic, which underpins the vividness of the characters’ feelings for each other.

I think this is an author who has to write, and that readers should follow her with interest.

Thank you to all of my readers. Please continue reviewing my book. Reviews help authors and readers alike. 🙂

You can find my book on Amazon. Click HERE. For the UK, click HERE.


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