Reviews: A Big Thank You to My Readers!

The Religion of the Heart book cover.
The Religion of the Heart book cover.

I would like to thank everyone who has gotten my book, (The Religion of the Heart), read it and left a review. The feedback is greatly appreciated!

Out of six reviews so far, (five on and one on, the average rating is 4.83 stars. I look forward to receiving more feedback and thank those who have taken the time to jot down their thoughts.

Some reviews:

“The Religion of The Heart is a beautifully told story of cultures. It is a love story too, and a good one, but it is, above all, a tale of cultures. The writer uses the love story to explore the differences (and the similarities) between Muslim culture and the Judeo-Christian west. The book is well paced, well written and grounded in reality. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a good read and is interested in love and cultures.”

“I really love this, it was a very sweet love story, it is a must read book, I could really relate to it being married to someone from a different culture than me.”

“D.M. Miller has an eloquent way of writing and holding the readers interest in this gentle love story. The story was a lesson in religions and other cultures and prompted me to do more reading on the Arab culture; not just what is shown by the media. The story took many interesting twists and turns. Looking forward to more works by this author!”


“I really enjoyed this book. What I liked was the author’s obvious passion and enjoyment of the love story she was describing. That what keeps you wanting to find out what happens next.

“This is a classic young lovers’ story, but not clichéd. It develops, and ends, unexpectedly, and avoids the tropes and tricks of the genre. It’s treatment of the underlying themes is intelligent and convincing, at times slyly comic, which underpins the vividness of the characters’ feelings for each other.

“I think this is an author who has to write, and that readers should follow her with interest.”

See what you’re missing. The book is available on Amazon: The Religion of the Heart.


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