#Israel: When Will the World Stop Slandering the Jewish State?

The Kotel (Western Wall). Photo credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism, www.goisrael.com
The Kotel (Western Wall). Photo credit: Israeli Ministry of Tourism, http://www.goisrael.com

By: D.M. Miller

In a speech to the 37th World Zionist Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained how the ‘Palestinian mufti convinced Hitler to massacre Europe’s Jews.’ He did not lie or exaggerate, and yet the media went berserk. Anti-Israel bias has become so widespread, it is nearly impossible to read a fair news report.

Israel is the Jewish State and as such, is under constant attack, be it violently or verbally. It’s nothing new. Jews have been the world’s scapegoat for over 2000 years and are one of the few groups left who are not protected under the laws of political correctness. The bottom line is, while the new trend by our governments and media is to victimize criminals, bashing innocent Jews is not only acceptable but encouraged in today’s backwards world.

Got a problem? Blame the Jews. Need to hide government corruption? It’s Israel’s fault! Economic problems, down on your luck? Jews! It’s all a conspiracy! Those pesky Jews rule the world, the banks, Hollywood, the media… In fact, controlling the media has worked out so well in the case of Israel, right? Uh… no. If that were the case, the victimization of the terrorists and demonization of the Jewish victims would not exist. Yet it does.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to justify the so-called “random” attacks plaguing Israel at the moment, and yet that is exactly what the media has been doing. Furthermore, there is nothing random about these attacks when Palestinian leaders are calling for the violence and not condemning, but applauding the assailants.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is who the world calls the “moderate” one, as compared to Hamas on the Gaza side, and he is the West’s one hope for a peaceful compromise. What many don’t know is that Abbas says one thing in English and another in Arabic. Smiling out of one side of his mouth, while the other incites violence and the murder of innocent Jews.

For more detail on how he “gathers the troops,” read “Abbas Calls for Murder, Palestinians Attack,” by Khaled Abu Toameh. It is a well-documented fact, and Israel’s energy minister, Yuval Steinitz recently asserted that, “The level and intensity of the incitement and the level of anti-Semitism is the same level as Hitler.” This is no exaggeration with not only what the Palestinian leader says but with the financial reward he offers those who kill Jews. That’s right- the PA pays tens of millions of shekels every month to terrorists in Israeli jails.

Though recent reports have Israel making plans to put a stop to this nonsense, it has been going on for years. In 2012, for example, Ramallah’s payments to terrorists exceeded 75 million shekels ($19 million), according to Israel Hayom, which broke down how it works:

“According to Palestinian law, a terrorist serving three years or under in Israeli prisons is eligible for a monthly payment of NIS 1,400 (about $370), a terrorists serving up to 15 years is paid NIS 6,000 ($1,600) a month, and those sentenced to life in prison are paid NIS 12,000 ($3,100).”

It has also been reported that this money comes from foreign aid. The US, incidentally, gives the Palestinian Authority around $400 million each year. And while Hamas is clearly labeled as a terror group, Abbas is proclaimed to be Israel’s “partner in peace.”

This “partner” gets a “tsk tsk” from the current American administration for inciting terror. The same administration comes down hard on Israelis for defending themselves. Secretary of State John Kerry, for example, has urged Israelis to “refrain from any kind of self-help.” In effect, he is telling Jews to lie down and die.

Just compare that to the world response to the Paris train attack, when three Americans (along with a Brit and a Frenchman) were congratulated for taking down an Islamic terrorist. They were heroes through and through. But if Jews do not accept their fate to be slaughtered and instead, actually defend themselves, they are being “aggressive,” are using “excessive force,” and suddenly are equated to the terrorists. They are accused of being equally responsible for the current wave of violence, despite it being instigated by the other side.

Imagine walking down the street when a stranger runs up and begins stabbing you. In an attempt to save yourself, you fight back. Then bystanders say, “Oh you two! Would you stop fighting already?” Or worse- your supposed “best friend” tells you, “Please refrain from self-help.” This is the current reaction to Palestinian terror.

It comes down to one thing: anti-Semitism is “kosher” in the non-Jewish world. The scapegoating continues, and no matter how progressive the world supposedly becomes, this is one thing that never changes.


2 thoughts on “#Israel: When Will the World Stop Slandering the Jewish State?

  1. Great piece, I really hope more people read it and actually wake up. It appears the more these arguments are made, the more the world wishes to back the side who’s history in the area only dates back to 638ad. As far as they’re concerned, Israel and the Jews didn’t exist pre 1940. It’s seems easier to take the word of a people who’s only desire is world domination, than that of a tiny country that just wants to be left alone. Too much effort to go and do a days research on actual, and factual, documented history…..sigh.

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