What Should an Author Blog Be About?

DMMILLER2 (smaller version)Forget the nonsense, the fluff, the fillers…

Originally, I thought perhaps I should keep this blog neutral, vague and beige. But that’s not me, and that’s not the way I write. Maybe my avoidance of politics was a mistake. In order to engage readers and really let them know what I’m all about, I should take a stand and just put myself out there. If you hate it, well, at least I’m being me.

In addition to the About page, in the post called, Interfaith Love, I explain a little about who I am. My debut novel, The Religion of the Heart, an interfaith romance, is not some liberal story where all the characters get together in the end to sing “Kumbaya.” It’s about real issues and real struggles and touches upon the topics of anti-Semitism and Islamic terrorism.

Not all of the characters are likable. And that’s reality.

They say you should never discuss politics or religion with friends. Well, that’s all I really want to discuss.


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