Interfaith Love

DMMILLER2 (smaller version)

Like many novelists in this genre of the never tiresome theme of love, I am a hopeless romantic, and my writing reflects that. However, life is not one-dimensional, and a love story intertwined with deeper themes is more my speed. As the product of an interfaith couple, with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, I’ve been on a lifelong journey of religious exploration. In my first novel, The Religion of the Heart, I combine my addiction to the fantasy fairytale romance with the realities that an interfaith couple is forced to face, only in this scenario, all three major Abrahamic religions are addressed: Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

No matter how profound or how passionate a love may be, will it be enough to withstand the pressures coming from multicultural and multi-religious families? And what will prevail, love or religion, or can they work in conjunction with one other? Abdul and Catherine aim to find out!

Check out my book, The Religion of the Heart, coming soon!


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